About The Store

Hello! I’m Amanda R.T. (R)(MR) in the Memphis area. I started making markers for my coworkers and myself and that quickly lead into making them for others around me so I opened the shop MandaMarkers back in 2017. My work has evolved over the years to include colored lead letters, new shapes, ideas, extra glitter colors, and loads more fun.

I also make personalized Christmas ornaments, coasters, keychains, badge reels, and Radpads. Making markers has become my passion and I love to meet my customers. For two years, I attended surrounding states CE conferences to showcase items in the shop as a sponsor and vendor. I met a lot of students, coordinators, and teachers along the way.

My shop started and still remains in a little office space of our family home. Everything from this shop is personally hand made by one person-me! I love it and have found my calling. Get LW, yall!