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RadStrips for Sticking Xray Markers to RadPad and Bucky

RadStrips for Sticking Xray Markers to RadPad and Bucky

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RadStrips™ make all x-ray markers washable and reusable without having to re-tape, worry about the gel coming off your marker, or sticky residue on your badge.  

 ✦ Infection Prevention & Control -  Welcomes wipes, soap. and water.

✦ Massively reusable - Cleaning brings it back to like-new condition.

✦ Industry Specific Purpose - Not a secondary function of another product.

✦ Strong with Adjustable Levels of Grip - Convenient

✦ Increased Thickness & Durability - Highly Dependable.

✦ Works with all xray markers - Aluminum xray markers love it!

 ✦ Each Rad Adhesive Strip is 1.5" by .75"

✦ Compatible with Sani Wipes, Soap, and Water. Allow it to dry before using again, after a thorough cleaning. 

✦ Sticks to Plastic, Resin, Aluminum, Glass, & Wood. 

 ✦ Thoroughly clean your xray marker with Sani Wipes and allow it to dry

✦ Remove protective film from one side of the Rad Adhesive and apply it firmly to your xray marker

✦ Remove the remaining protective film.

✦ Your xray markers are ready for use. 

✦ Clean the xray marker adhesive as needed and repeat. 

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